How to shorten url free by Shoortly

How to shorten url free by Shoortly


Shoortly, shorten URL free will blow the mind of all marketers out there. You can do affiliate marketing even without content and your website. If you have affiliated links only but no website on your own, then what? Don't worry and don't overthink; Shoortly URL Shortener will help you deal with this problem.

What is Shorten URL free?

Want to increase the engagement of your content? Then Shoortly shorten URL free is one of the best options for you. URL Shortener is a tool that helps you to shrink any long, dynamic, and complex URL into a short and more convenient one to use for free.

shorten url free

Shoortly URL Shortener will generate absolutely a unique short URL within few seconds for you that you can access at any moment, whenever you want. Shoortly URL Shortener perhaps, the fastest and simplest method available for you across all platforms to shorten URLs. It is accessible to you to share on any social media platform, forums, blogs, and almost everywhere. It will help you to drive traffic.

It's a great bargain for all marketers and bloggers out there. Well, shoortly will not only cut your URL; instead, it will provide more than that. It comes along with some incredible features at your disposal for booming your business.

Profile Builder as a Bio Link tool

Shoortly URL Shortener is presenting profile builder, all profiles in one link. You can also call it a bio link tool. You can add all of your active social media links in the profile builder. With a short single link, your audience will receive all the contact info of your business page at a time.

Not only that you can also promote your blog links or can add website URL to your followers. Just think about are adding your business contact info at the end of your post every single time. Can you imagine? How time-consuming it can be? When you can save both your time and energy from wasting then why not use Shoortly? Incorporate all your account and get one single link from Shoortly. This will elevate your engagement with the targeted audience as well.

Splash Page or Free Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing

You can create a customized splash page. It is an intermediate page where you can create a banner; promote new offers along with the messages to represent your brand.  This is one of the greatest ways of branding your own business. It is an introductory screen your audience will get to see before hitting your link. It's a brilliant way to attract your user. If you are a CPA marketer it is good news for you. A splash page is the ultimate free landing page for affiliate marketing. Even you are an affiliate marketer promote your affiliate products without any website and relatively less content by creating a splash page.

Overlay Ads

This is the feature that will help with affiliate marketing without having your own content and website. Shoortly URL Shortener presenting overlay ads page simply permits you to show a little subdue overlay at any corner of a particular niche website where you want to promote your link or any of your service. You can customize the messages and appearances of the overlay that you want to show to your targeted audiences. Despite having no website, doing affiliate marketing can be a blessing for the entire affiliate marketer out there. Now you don't have to back out for not owning a website.

Bundles or Link Rotator 

This is another amazing feature Shoortly URL Shortener is presenting. The bundle is also known as a link rotator. As it can be guessed from its name, you create a bundle of links at a time. Every time user clicks the same link, they will enter different overlays. That is to say, the link presents in the bundle will rotate itself. With this feature, you can promote more than one link rotationally with a single bundle link.

Short URL Custom Domain

You can convert your link into your branding media. If you have a custom domain, you can easily associate it with shoortly. Your every short link will contain your short url custom domain. This will increase the interaction with your targeted audiences. The results come along with the action. When your audiences will know what the link is about, this will naturally boost the click-through rate. Built trust with your audience with Shoortly URL Shortener.


The team feature of Shoortly URL Shortener can prove to be an outstanding affiliate marketing assistant for you. If you have a small team and want to work together, this feature is perfect for you. Here you can collaborate with your team members. This feature allows your team members to shorten links and create splash pages & overlay, and bundles as well. In the premium packages, you can add from three to 10 members maximum.

Features of URL Shortener

They will be saving characters for certain platforms with limitations. Take Twitter as an example, where the characters limit is 280, you are posting a tweet in which the URL link is 120 characters. How consuming!! Those long links are cutting your space. Here comes Shoortly URL Shortener at your disposal. Compacting URLs stays a best practice for content appropriation across social networks and different channels.

Here comes the best part, Shoortly shorten URL free comes with tracking analysis. Along with shortening the URL, it will monitor the adequacy of your links as well. URL Shortener will be tracking the number of clicks along with the locations, the total number of clicks from social media, gender, and the type of devices your audience is using. All in one, it will help you to know your audience better and their thinking. You can also know which one of your posts is getting more hit and driving more traffic to your site. This little change in your strategies will help to increase your click-through rate for sure.

Audiences tend to engage more with the shortened URL. It shows a sign of tidiness that gives a tint of professionalism. A sloppy URL can leave a bad impression on your audience, might hesitate to hit the link, eventually failing to generate traffic to your site.

Boost the trust among the audiences. Generally, users don't link long and extended URLs, as they find it difficult to trust the long links. Just think for yourself, you have received two URLs one is long and another is short. Which one will you click? And if the short link is customized....that's a totally different scenario, isn't it? You won't even think twice before hitting the link.


Last few words:

  • Shoortly URL shortener will help you without affiliate marketing without any content or any website of your own.
  • With shoortly URL shortener you can track and analyze your link very easily.
  • Shoortly will earn the reliability of your users.
  • Shoortly Shorten URL free will increase your engagement with your targeted audience.
  • Shoortly Shorten URL free will built a link with your targeted audience.

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