How to make payment from Bangladesh

How to make payment from Bangladesh

Payment System for Bangladeshi User

Hey, Bangladeshi user here is the manual way to make payment with BDT. Not every Bangladeshi user has a Credit / Master card to pay with dollars that's why we made this method. 

How to Pay with Bangladeshi Taka. 

  • For Bangladeshi user only - NEWBIE 480 400 BDT and UNLIMITED 800 600 BDT

  • Make Payment with - bKash

  • Enter the same email address to register and shopping.

  • Go to the  and purchase your package. 

  • Give us 24hrs to manually check your information and activate your account. 


Special Discount plan for Bangladeshi User

NEWBIE - 400 BDT/ month & 4000 BDT/ year.

UNLIMITED - 600 BDT/ month & 6000 BDT/ year.


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